Car rental

Sometimes people prefer to hire a private vehicle. There are 2 options with or without Chauffeur for cars and vans but for hiring bigger ones they include Chauffeur.
For renting and driving cars, drivers need some documents and there are some different conditions which our colleagues explain in detail whenever customers contact us.
For renting vehicles with chauffeur, there are usually vehicles with different capacities from 4 to 80 seater bus! Their availability depends on the city and the date. Our customers for cars and vans usually order Mercedes Benz!

Some of the Vehicles:

Mercedes Benz Class S

Ideal for 3 Passengers

Mercedes Benz Class E

Ideal for 3 Passengers

BMW i8

Ideal for 2 Passengers


Ideal for 4 Passengers

Mercedes Benz Viano

Ideal for 3-7 Passengers

Hummer Limousine

Ideal for 18 Passengers

Minibuses and Buses

Capacity from 15 to 80 Passengers

Antique Cars

Different Capacities