Most Touristic Cities in Europe

Choosing a destination for tourism in European countries is a very difficult task. There are continents in Europe from England to Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and dozens or perhaps even hundreds of spectacular cities in these countries. Cities that are known for their high climate and high diversity.

From many monuments such as the types of museums, churches, castles, palaces and ruins left by the empires past to restaurants, nightlife, architecture, beaches, nature, forests, parks, and so on, of the factors They make it difficult to choose a city from this whole city. In this article, we intend to make this decision easier by looking at the top European tourist cities and explaining some of their characteristics.

In the following article, we will look at the top 20 European countries in the same parameters so that you can easily compare them and make the best choice.

1- Paris

Based on the statistics, Paris is the best place to visit in Europe, and is ranked first in Europe's best tourist destination. The city is very much appreciated for its museums, monuments, and churches. In Paris, you can use all your moments in this city, and if you've been to the city for holidays, use it all the time.

You can go round and see the striking monuments of the Eiffel Tower or the Notre-Dame Cathedral and many other works of this city, or go to cafes and sidewalk restaurants during the day or even at night, and Enjoy your travel time by drinking amazing wines or eating great dishes.

Why go to Paris

Paris is famous for the City of Light, and millions go to France every year to visit this city. Divine food and artistic collections of Paris are truly worthy of praise. From the beautiful Seine River, it passes slowly through its path along many historical monuments and prominent museums, churches for centuries, and many architectural blocks with special Rocco and Neoclassical designs.

Throughout this path, the cascading trees and glowing street lights help to make these landscapes better. It's never too late or too bad for a walk in the beautiful city of Paris. In the morning, noon, evening, night, or even midnight, you can walk along the Sin River walks through superb bridges and spectacular parks, even to go to the market, cafes or cinema, Walk on one of these tracks.
Paris is "many splendor", as Ernest Hemingway describes his memories as " A Moveable Feast " for a variety of museums, fashion, cuisines and all-round spaces.

In Paris, you can visit the popular Muse d'Orsay, shop at the largest design centers in the Champs Élysées, or go to the best boutiques in Le Marais, see the full view of the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower, or Even plan to visit the Versailles Palace during your visit. Make every program you like, but do not forget to visit the amazing arrondissements, because you will experience a special, unforgettable pleasure, while not overlooking snacking on street crepe.


The rankings presented in this article are based on analyzes conducted by experts and also based on the views of tourists and travelers.

The city of Paris has the following ratings in the defined indexes:

  • The first place of tourism and value of visiting in European cities
  • The first place for a one-day trip from London
  • First Place in France's Best Tourism City
  • The first place is the best tourist area in June
  • First place for the best summer vacation destination
  • First Place is the World's Most Famous Place
  • Second place in the best destination of winter holidays in Europe
  • Third place is the best destination for wedding destination in Europe
  • The sixth place is the best place for family Vacations in Europe
  • Sixth place is the best honeymoon destination in Europe
  • Eighth place is the best honey destination in the world

Best place to visit in Paris

There are many activities and Things to do in Paris that can be done, but without a doubt, there are three of the best places to visit when visiting Paris:

  • Visiting the HolyNotre-Dame Cathedral
  • Visit the Louvre Museum
  • Go to the Eiffel Tower tour and watch this tower closely

Best residential centers in Paris

In addition, the city of Paris, due to the fact that the first tourist destination of many European tourists and many other tourists around the world, has numerous hotels and residential centers. But among the top three hotels in Paris are:

  • Hotel Ritz Paris
  • Hotel La Réserve Paris
  • Plaza Athénée Hotel

The best time to travel to Paris

Paris can be visited at any time, but it is generally said that the best time to travel to Paris is between June to August and between September to October. In summer, the weather conditions are ups and low. The weather is wonderful between June and August in Paris. The average air temperature in these months is at the highest of 70s and its sunny days are long.

Although it is very busy in the summer of Paris, prices are also rising to suit this bush. To pay less, and, of course, having lower-quality travelers than the summer, you can count on a trip to Paris in the fall. Of course, in the fall season, because of the blossom of trees in the city, the city is pretty famous, although sometimes the weather is not very desirable. If your intention to travel to Paris is to take full advantage of all the tourist attractions in the city of Paris, a winter trip can ruin your entire dream and eliminate your expenses.

Although in the winter, many travel to the city to use some of Paris's tourist attractions. Keep in mind that every year more than 30 million passengers arrive in Paris and visit this beautiful city. That's why it does not matter when you travel to Paris because the city is always ready to welcome you, and the infrastructure of this city's tourism is such that even in the winter, travelers will enjoy the journey itself.

When you travel to Paris, remember the following points:

  • The people of France and Paris are proud of their mother tongue, and in general, people who speak French or try to pronounce sentences in this language are praised by the people of Paris. Bonjour in French means "hello" and "au revoir" also means "protecting God". "s'il vous plaît" meaning please and "merci" means thank you very much.
  • When you go to a cafe in Paris, you should order coffee and sit quietly at the corner of the cafe and stay there for some time. Drinking coffee in Paris is a leisurely affair. In Paris, for drinking a coffee It's not common to see Parisians touting cups of Starbucks. The best coffee in Paris with high caffeine is French espresso that is great for tiredness.
  • If you use the public transport system in Paris, keep your ticket up to the last moment you take the vehicle. If you do not hold this bill, you may be fined for non-payment of the ticket.

How to Save Money in Paris?

  • It is better to have breakfast in the boulangerie. Usually, eating breakfast in Paris restaurants is always much more expensive. But in boulangerie or even bakeries, simple and light-sandwiches breakfasts are sold at very reasonable prices, both faster and cheaper.
  • Although it may be planning to go to Paris for certain months, keep in mind that in some months the tourist attractions in Paris are very expensive. But in some particular months, the cost of visiting the Louvre is halved. In addition to these, you can visit some of the Center Pompidou, Versailles, and even Musee Rodin parts for these months at a much more convenient and affordable price, and get special discounts to visit some of the tourist destinations.
  • Keep in mind that the main tourist attractions in Paris range from miles to miles away and so all directions cannot be traversed by foot. But some tourist attractions are less than one mile or about a mile from each other, such as the Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre, Notre Dame, etc. If you choose a hotel in one of these places, you can save on your metro ticket and even save your visit time.


Culture & Customs

It is widely heard that the people of Paris are identical with the American people, often calling them unfriendly and rude. But it's safe to say that the claim is stereotyped.

Paris is the same as in all the cities of the world, which means that you may encounter a variety of people with friendly or unfriendly behaviors in different places. One of the best ways to fill a cultural gap is to learn a little French before traveling to France.

Many French people, especially in the areas of tourism and hotels, speak English well. In the French culture, the pleasantries are very evident. Just using a few words like "bonjour" means "hello" or "good day" or "bonsoir" means a good evening, and several words or phrases suggest that you are trying to be a person with a friendly behavior. Give This will make you a culture-savvy person and give you a lot of respect. Use "Merci" to say thank you so much in French, and please use "s'il vous plaot" as you please say. If you get stuck in it, it's enough to say "Pouvez-vous m'aider?" Tell the French what means Can you help me? Or if you know English with the phrase "Parlez-vous anglais?" Ask your audience if it knows English. Or you can say "Excusez-moi" if you do not understand something.

Usually when you are introduced to a French official in a formal position, it is enough to stick to a handshake only if he is a lesbian or gay person to whom this issue is fully apparent.

 At a friendlier and friendly greeting, you can cheer on two species kisses. But with all these conditions, if you're not comfortable, you can only linger for your hands and this is not considered rude. 

Culture & Customs

Paris is also known as the fashion city of the world, because there are many fashion companies in the city, and even some of the world's top fashion brands such as Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix have all succeeded in developing their brand in Paris and introduced to the world. Humorous people can easily fit themselves in the hearts of the people of Paris, but this does not mean that you have to wear a special outfit.

The Parisians are very handsome people, but they do not wear peculiar dresses too. In general, people in Paris often wear active suits, sweatshirts, sports clothes, running shoes, sometimes flip flops or sometimes some special clothes, but keep in mind that wearing short dresses that are common in the United States It is not common in Paris and usually people prefer to wear a stylish but simple dress.

For example, for a typical dress, a leather bag, of course, from famous brands and combining it with simple leather shoes of the same color, wearing jeans and a long robe among women is more common. Meanwhile, many Parisians are interested in wearing neon.

The French currency is the euro, but mostly people use credit cards to buy, and most institutions and stores accept credit cards. One thing to remember is the price fluctuation of the currency. The price of the euro, like the dollar, is constantly fluctuating, so you should check this issue before buying. Be sure to check the price of the currency before you give it a tip or buy somethings.

Some bakeries or small bistros only accept cash, so keep in mind that you have to carry some cash. Lunch and dinner time at restaurants, or shopping for drinks or snacks in bars, remember that in Paris, 10-15% of the cost of the service will be added to your dish. Taxi drivers in Paris also usually receive a 5-10% tipping fee.

The use of a toilet or a bath is also possible at a number of cafes and restaurants at a charge. But if there's nothing to be specified about the cost, it's best to pay 50 cents to the servants as a fee for using the bathroom or toilets.

What to Eat

Paris is a completely international city, meaning that you can find a variety of foods in the city, from many Asian cuisines to traditional French cuisine or from other parts of the world to a great extent found in the restaurants and cafes of the city. Parisians are the inventor of a variety of dishes, and therefore food in Paris très bien.

It is usually said that you can find the best restaurants and food in the 1er arrondissement (1st district) and in Marais, as well as around Champs-Elysées and the Eiffel Tower. In Montmartre and 2ème arrondissement also there are restaurants and cafes of high quality but at a lower price.

After you find your place to eat dinner, it is best to eat some French specialties such as soupe à l'oignon gratinée (French onion soup), croquet-monsieur (grilled cheese and ham sandwich smothered in more melted, supposed to try the steak frites (steak and french fries) and the coquilles St-Jacques (seasoned scallops topped with cheese and bread curmbs served in a shell).

French desserts are more suitable for those who love sweets and have a sweet tooth, including the most famous French desserts, macarons, chocolate croissants, puz d'amours (puffs d'amours) and large puff pastries filled with vanilla cream and drizzled with caramel sauce ) or crêpes (fixins' range from Nutella to bananas and berries).

For people who do not like to spend a lot of time eating, it is recommended to try the baguette sandwich traiteurs or a delicious crêperie instant crepe.
Try to drink each of the Parisian cafes you have not missed because the Parisian restaurants have a world-wide reputation but don’t missing chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) or a café crème (coffee with cream) in Paris.

The daily cereal snacks sold in stores are a good choice for snacks or quick meal, but these snacks are also recommended for lower costs. There are a lot of inexpensive brass foods and snacks in Paris, but splurge at Guy Savoy, Bistrot Paul Bert or Chez Andre are some of the most expensive and traditional cuisine in Paris.

Enjoy French cuisine with the famous Julia Child. Remember cooking in Paris and France as a whole art. Even the provision of other food and drink in Paris is considered as a valuable art.

Safety in Paris

Paris and, in general, France can be defined as a city or a safe country, though pickpockets and robberies, like in many other tourist cities, are found in busy areas of tourism, metro and other public transport, especially around monuments and There are many tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.

Especially tourists are advised to be very alert at the Gare du Nord train station. Pickpocketing is very common in Paris. Also, remember that thieves are usually watching passengers from the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and stealing from suitcases or other items at appropriate times. For this reason, it is advisable to be especially careful about your belongings and luggage.

Getting Around Paris

Public transport is very convenient in Paris, but the best way to get around Paris is by using the metro or on foot. In Paris, there are many walking paths and beauty for pedestrians, and many areas close to your location or hotel can be seen using these directions on foot. Although Paris is a very big city, it is the best choice for metro to visit the distant areas.

The RATP system, or Régie Autonome des Transports Parisians system, is the metro head of the Paris city, and along the metro system, it covers several bus routes, including both inland and outbound routes. There are two major airports in Paris, where air travelers usually use the two airports to travel to Paris. Paris's first and most important airport is Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), about 22 miles northeast of the city center and the second Paris Orly Airport (ORY), about 11 miles south of the city.

From the CDG Airport, you can take a bus or RER train to any of the locations in downtown Paris. From Paris airport there are shuttles that transfer passengers to the Terminal 2 RER station and the nearby Roissypole RER or hop on the RoissyBus. If you arrive late at the Paris airport, you can use the Noctilien Night Bus, which is open from midnight until 4.30am.

Travelers flying to ORY Airport can take the airport shuttle to the nearest RER station and from there go to any of the city center destinations. Of course, at both airports, you can also use airport taxis, which cost between € 30 and € 55 depending on the length of your destination. But it's not generally recommended to rent a car or drive in Paris.

Travelers from other European cities intending to travel to Paris can travel by take the train to Paris. SNCF rail and TGV high-speed trains across French cities. The city of Paris has six train stations, along with all these stations, both the metro station and the bus station, both of which can take you to the hotel or locality as quickly as possible.

Given the traffic congestion in Paris, using these public transport vehicles is always the best way to save you money and times. Travelers traveling to Paris from London can use the Channel Tunnel, the famous London underwater rail service via Eurostar from London.

Entry & Exit Requirements

For travelers planning to travel from the United States to Paris, they need a US passport, and even children must have a passport. Passports will be valid if they are valid at least three months after your travel history.

Remember, citizens of the United States and the European countries of the European Union and some other countries that have agreements with France do not need a visa for staying below 90 days in Paris or in any other city in France unless they want more than 90 Stay in France for a day.

It is recommended that you check the visa requirement or your country-specific passport from the French embassy or internationally recognized agencies before you plan your trip.


Without a doubt, if the subject of Europe's journey is around, Rome is one of those cities that cannot be easily overlooked. Rome not only has many tourist attractions, but the Italian scent of Italian cuisine through the streets and historic sites and tourist attractions of the city is quite intrusive.

Italy is full of spectacular cities, each of which is more magnificent and more beautiful, but with Rome, due to its long history and historic treasures such as Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica and the awe-inspiring Trevi Fountain is another thing.

Why should we travel to Rome?

Rome is famous for the city of Seven Hills, and from the beginning it has been the city of myths. The legend of two twin brothers named Romulus and Ramos, whose nurse was a wolf and whose father was a god of war, still whispers everywhere in Rome. Almost every passenger traveling to Rome thinks the city is a magical city, though many historians often reject these myths.

Whatever it is, having a great walking in the Vatican City, roaming the Colosseum or drinking an Italian coffee at one of the Piazza Navona's cafes, or even eating one of Rome's finest pasta cakes in trattoria, is one that cannot be Easy to pass.

Rome is a popular Italian capital that has followed many ups and downs in its well-known history and has gone through and experienced many times since the Octavian period, Julius Caesar, Hadrian, and so on. Historic structures of the Pantheon and the Roman Forum, along with dozens of other historic churches, are beside a variety of historical works in the city.

In the Vatican Museums, you can see the artistic admired artwork of the city's various historical periods. Italian foods do not just come across and should really be experienced. Alongside all of this history and historic structures, most Roman tourists consider the city of Rome as a combination of modern and advanced history life, with its huge and modern buildings, brilliantly designed streets, advanced hotels and restaurants, and many more projects under construction.


This ranking is based on expert opinions and based on the views of tourists. Accordingly, the city of Rome has been considering some of the parameters in comparison with other cities in the world and it has been considered in other cities of the world. You can see this rating below:

  • Rome is at the forefront of the world's most affordable winter holidays
  • Rome is the best city in the world for a day trip from Florence
  • Rome is ranked first among the most prominent cities in Italy
  • Rome is ranked first in Europe's best winter Vacations
  • Rome is ranked second best in European tourist destinations for Honeymoon
  • Rome is ranked second best Places to Visit in Europe
  • Rome is ranked second best in European family vacations
  • Rome ranked second best in the city as a winter Vacations
  • Rome is ranked third among the best cities in the world for visiting and circulation
  • Rome is ranked 12th as the city's Affordable holiday destination in Europe
  • Rome is in the thirteenth place the best city for the honeymoon.

The best places to visit in Rome

Although Rome has a lot of tourist attractions and the choice between them is difficult, but generally you should not lose three tourist attractions:

  • Visit the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi)
  • Close visit of St. Peter's Basilica (Basilica di San Pietro)
  • And visit the Pantheon

Best Rome hotels

Among the many hotels and residences in Rome, where a wide range of places are found from ordinary hostels to luxury 5-star hotels, it can be seen as an example and based on the idea of tourists the following hotel is considered the best of these hotels.

  • Hotel Eden
  • K. Place Roma hotel
  • Hassler Roma hotel

Best month to travel to Rome

According to many experts and tourists, the best time to visit and circulate in Rome from October to April. At this time, the population of tourists in the city is much lower, and because of this, room rates or tourist destinations are also offered with great discounts. Although in this season you need to have almost warm clothes, for example, having a warm coat is enough because in time, the air is rarely very cold.

Of course, for the avoidance of a large crowd of tourists and high prices, the seasons may be a good option between May and September. At this time, the average air temperature is between mid-70s and the lower 80s.

What You Need to Know

  • Il Conto, Per favore If you need the bill at a restaurant, be persistent yet pleasant in asking. Life moves slower in Roma, so asking for your check once doesn't necessarily mean it's on the way.
  • Ditch the diet This is Rome, home of fettuccine, ravioli, bruschetta, cappuccino … enough said.
  • Speak Italiano When in Rome, do as the Romans do and at least try to speak a little Italian. Hello is ciao, please is per favore, and thank you is grazie.

What should you know about Rome?

  • Il Conto, Per favore, The people of Rome have patience and do not rush. So if you're at a restaurant and ask for a bill, it does not necessarily mean that it's getting ready and it's best to ask your request again.
  • Ditch the diet, As far as the diet in Italy is concerned, it's better to know that this country is home fettuccine, ravioli, bruschetta, cappuccino. If you are looking to enjoy these foods and beverages, forget about your diet in a short period of time.
  • Speak Italiano, Italians are very grateful for people who are trying to speak Italian, even if they have a few words. Practice phrases like: Hello is ciao, please is per favore, and thank you is grazie.

Ways to save money in Rome

  • Buy the Roma Pass: Individuals who make Italian passs can visit a variety of tourist sites and museums free of charge or receive discounts. Many exhibitions and places of interest can also be visited at a great discount, and for up to three days They can also benefit from free public transport in the city.
  • Church hop, do not simply cross the Roman Catholic churches. Although these churches are mostly free to visit, each of these churches is a precious museum and valuable treasures to visit.
  • Sunday Visit, The Vatican Museums open on the last Sunday of the month for free visits to the public. Of course, government museums like Musei Capitolini and the Colosseum are free on the first Sunday of the month.

Culture & Customs

Italians are a lot of happy and simple people, believe it or not, living like a resident is not very difficult and can easily be likened to an Italian, especially if you love color labels and design and stick them on your wardrobe. Italians love classy clothes and unique brushes. Men and women often wear jeans and shirts on the streets.

The Italian currency is the same as other EU countries is the euro. In all restaurants, hotels, tourist locations and even stores, credit cards are easy to accept, but try to always have a small amount of cash. In the meantime, it's best to always check your buying rates because the euro is always fluctuating.

The people of Rome speak Italian but some people, especially in tourist destinations or hotels, can usually speak English but, nevertheless, having Italian language knowledge will make the Italian people most praise you.

The food you should experience in Rome

Italian cuisine is always famous among all the people of the world, and especially the foods cooked in Rome are excellent. It has a variety of restaurants in its heart. From local restaurants to international restaurants in the city. In all areas of Rome tourism, you will find restaurants that have family-based guidelines for the preparation of some foods that have been generations of generations among themselves.

In these areas we see also restaurants with the latest culinary trends.
When traveling to Rome, do not forget to eat some of the specialty of this city. Foods like artichokes are extremely tasty and, interestingly, are under the protection of the European Union.

The best places to eat this is the Nonna Betta's Roman restaurant. Italian pasta is not forgotten either. For example, pasta Cacio pepe is a simple pasta with a taste of Romano cheese and black pepper and is found only in Rome. If you add smoked pork jowl and egg to this food, you have experienced another Roman specialty that is made up of Italian super-pasta called carbonara.

Rome has many liquids and many of these beverages are either alcoholic drink or wine. Although Rome itself is not a place to produce the best wines in the world, but the best brands of wine in the world are abundant in the city.

Rome is renowned for its pure and classy coffee. If you are a friend of coffee, I suggest one of the best espresso drinks in the world at Caffe Sant'Eustachio, a café founded in 1938, and the best example, Prepares the coffee. Of course, other Rome café are really the best to drink coffee in different types, among which they can recommend the Antigua Tazza d'Oro cafe near Pantheon.

If you are looking for Michelin-rated establishments to eat, you will have good, but not too many, choices in Rome. One of these choices is within Rome Cavalieri Hotel and La Pergola is named by three stars. The second option is Il Pagliaccio, which has two stars and serves traditional Italian cuisine.

Italian pizza enthusiasts are better off experiencing Casa Manco pizzas and sandwich lovers would be better off booking Pane e Salame sandwiches. If you do not have a lot of time and want to stay in Rome for a limited time, and of course, looking for the best traditional and modern cuisine in this city, it's best to enroll in a meal tour. Most of these tours last for hours and include a variety of snacks, snacks and popular restaurants.


Although Italy is known as one of the safest countries in the world, and the crime rate in this country is very poor, it is nevertheless recommended, as in other countries where tourists travel a lot, to Take care of your personal belongings and take care of the pickpockets too. In general, in recent years, the number of terrorist attacks in Europe has increased and there are many threats in this regard, which is why it is recommended to be more aware of transit centers or markets.

Famous places around Rome

Although Rome itself has as much a site and a tourist destination that you may need to spend a lot of time in this city to visit all of these attractions, nonetheless, visiting places in neighborhoods around Rome is also recommended to be the best These places are:

  • Ancient Rome
  • Corso and Spagna
  • Navona and Campo
  • Repubblica and Quirinale
  • Parco della Caffarella
  • Trastevere
  • Vatican City
  • Tivoli
  • Marino

Visit around Rome

You can go around this lovely city if you want to get away from the Roman city for one to a few days. Keep in mind that the best tourist destinations in Rome are far from the high traffic areas. For example, the Vatican City is completely distant from other historical regions of the city center.

Do not worry, the Rome-based internal transport system is excellent, and there is good access to the subway, taxi or bus for all the tourist and sightseeing areas around the city. nonstop express Rome train from Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport (FCO) to the city center for only minutes; one-way tickets cost 14 euros. From there, you can easily get to all locations by subway, bus and taxi.

The best way is to not take your own car to Rome, but if you're in the city by car, immediately park it in one of the city's car parks and use public transportation to move around the city. There are many sights in Rome around the center of Rome, but most of Rome's historic and tourist attractions are not in the city center.

Enter city Requirements of Rome

You must have a passport with at least six months' validity to travel to Rome. Keep in mind that travelers arriving in Italy from the EU and some other countries do not need a visa. In addition, some other countries require a visa to stay in the country for more than 90 days. In general, for better information on how to travel to Rome, it is better to get enough information from the Consulate of Italy in your own country or the official travel agents in your own country. 


Surfing and visiting world-class museums, visiting musical in the West End, going to the Tower of London and eating chips and fish in one of the super-local British cafes is just a plethora of hits from one of the oldest capitals. Of the world, London. Although the cost of living and traveling in London can be the biggest challenge facing tourists in this city.

For this purpose, you can use seasonal offers, hotel reservations and accommodation months ago or using public transportation to help you with a little bit of cost.

An English writer, Samuel Johnson, describes London as "no one among the intellectuals who lived in London who would like to leave London, no one can be tired of London unless It's tired of life. In London, everything is ready to live. " Though more than two hundred years have passed since Johnson's words, it still holds true and seems to have spoken about this today.

London is one of the best cities in the world to live, this city is truly a perfect city, and if you travel only once to this city, you will fully understand that during one or several trips you cannot enjoy all the good of London visited

London is a city combined with old and new elements. In London, you can see the Tower of London Tower to the avant-garde Tate Modern building. Still, London actors wear Shakespeare's sonnets in modern fashion. In London, you can find famous coffee from the world to the best tea in the world and even the most famous juices.

London in many respects still considers itself the leader of the world, it is the best in matters such as fashion and clothing, music, culture, politics, banking, etc.

London Global Rankings

Based on expert opinions and, of course, a survey of tourists, referring to the ratings of United States travels and world news, London is on some of the global ranking issues that will be mentioned below:

  • London is at the forefront of the best spring holiday
  • London is ranked first in Europe's finest family vacation spot
  • London is ranked first in the world's best tourism city in March
  • London is ranked third in the finest European cities
  • London is ranked fifth in the finest places in the world
  • London is ranked sixth as the best city for Christmas holidays.

The best places to visit in London

London, as described, is full of tourist attractions from far to the newest and most modern tourist attractions. If we want to choose between them, we have a difficult task ahead. Therefore, according to tourists, the three main attractions of London are as follows:

  • British Museum
  • the tower of London
  • the Buckingham Palace

Best London hotels

London is renowned for its luxury and first class hotels in the world. Due to the fact that millions of people visit the city each year, the city has provided and developed the necessary structures for tourists, which makes it possible to make a variety of accommodations and hotels of this kind.

This allows for the accommodation of simple accommodation to the best hotels, depending on the budget and the amount of expenses you would like to do, you can choose one of these hotels. According to London tourists, the best Hotels and sure the most expensive hotels are:

  • Rosewood London hotel
  • The Beaumont hotel
  • The Milestone Hotel

Best months to visit London

From early March to late May is the best time to visit the beautiful city of London, because at that time, the city is moderate and all green parks and trees are full of blossoms. However, tourists are beginning to travel to London in the late spring, and this will continue until the end of the summer.

The influx of many tourists in these months will increase the price of hotels and tourist attractions. That's why some prefer to pick autumn or even winter for travelers in London. In these seasons, although the weather is cold and especially the winter of London really cool, but the tourist attractions of the city are not low in these seasons, and at the same time the prices are offered with discounts.

In December, many international tourists and tourists arrive in London, and the streets of London are full of foreign tourists. London is a rainy city, and each day of the year, without any season, has a potential heavy rainfall, so in each You will need an umbrella and some warm clothes from time to time.

 Another issue is the city of London, which seems to be more crowded in the warm season, but it's generally impossible to escape the crowds in London. London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and in every season there are many tourists in the city, and you will have no choice but to be among the many tourists in the city.

When traveling to London, pay attention to the following:

  • Embrace the slang: Remember that there are British words and phrases that are used by locals in each region and may be confusing for those who speak English Americans. So, it's best to study a little about the local language of the people of London to avoid confusion
  • Embrace the rain: Do not forget that the city of London has rainfall every season and sometimes rainfall is like a shower. So do not forget to wear raincoats, boots, umbrellas and other accessories when traveling to London
  • Embrace the pub scene: Going to pub scene is known among the British people as a culture, and that's why these places are crowded even during the week and every hour, and this is not strange at all. London has for centuries been made up of this culture and uses every opportunity to go pub scene.

How to save on your expenses in London?

  • Find the free attractions:

Although living costs and some tourist attractions in London are high, some of the city's spectacular places, such as the National Gallery of London, the British Museum and Hyde Park, are among the tourist attractions that are free to visit.

  • Use of Oyster Card:

 London's subway that also known as a Tube are the best way to get away from the city traffic and visit around the city of London. The Oyster Cards are priced at a modest price and allow you to use London public transport for free for a specified period of time and while you staying at city make you feel like a local.

  • Choose your food smartly:

 In some corridors, delicious local cuisine is offered at cheap prices. In these places you can usually find foods of high quality and at a much cheaper price.

  • It's best to get a London pass:

 Using this pass, you can visit many of London's major tourist attractions such as Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Church, or Churchill War Rooms with special discounts or one ticket.

Culture and customs of the people of London

Individuals who speak English, except for some words and phrases pronounced differently in London and in the local community, are generally have not any problems to communicate in London. The people of London and the British people as a whole have a positive and loving approach to travelers from all countries, and for this reason, you can easily get in touch with them.

It's interesting to know that the people of London are happy to help you choose the best things or guide you to their city.

The people of London are very orderly. Be careful about the rules and regulations or how you behave well. For example, to board the subway, you should stand in line or use the right side of the stairs when climbing stairs.

The people of London and especially the young people love to drink, and therefore, in most places, you can see cafes that are specially designed for serving drinks. In addition, unlike most other countries in London, most bars are open daily and because there are many bars that serve meals, there is usually no problem for children to enter these cafes. In the meantime, you should expect that many people dying outside the cafes during the hot days of the year, and even after 9 o'clock, some can drink some outside of the cafes.

London is one of the famous capitals in the fashion industry, and so on the streets, and especially on Oxford Street, you'll see people who are dressing up with local dresses. London's Oxford Street is one of the world's largest fashion and clothing streets. London is a place that lets you go the extra mile with your style game.
The official currency unit in London and the UK is generally a pound. The currency is fluctuating like the dollar and the euro, and this will give you an alert to check the exchange rate before buying.

tipping payment is usual in Britain, and even some cafes and restaurants add a fee to customers' bills, and this usually costs up to 12% of the price of the food. However, if no tips were paid on the bill, usually the customers themselves, especially in restaurants, would prefer between 10% and 15%. But if you went to a tavern or cafe, it is optional.

Other services, such as driving, drinking or transporting items, are usually optional tipping and up to 10% of the cost. In London, credit cards are very well accepted in most hotels, restaurants and stores, and you will not have a problem with this.

Food in London

Food in London is very unique and, of course, heavy. In this city you can buy the best grilled fish and chips, and you can order crabs and pears anywhere. Given the British culture of cooking, it's hard to pick a meal in London.

In London, you can find local and traditional English restaurants to the most modern English dishes or even a variety of international restaurants such as Malaysian, Chinese, Italian, and more.

In London, you need to know where to go to have a good food experience. In curry houses on Brick Lane you can choose the best Indian cuisine, if you are looking for a great tea, it is best to book your time by going to The Langham, London, The Lanesborough or at Claridge. In the Michelin star-heavy Clerkenwell neighborhood you will find the best lunches. Lovers of meat dishes can go to restaurant St. John, who has become famous for his fantastic dishes throughout the world.

Gordon Ramsay, one of the most famous London chefs in the city, has several restaurant outlets, including the Michelin-rated three-star Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Four restaurants in the city of London belong to the famous chef Jamie Oliver. The brasserie-style Sketch, a two-star Michelin-rated restaurant, has become popular with its specialty foods.

The best of the city's best-selling cafes is the Attendant Cafe, which was previously a Victorian restroom. London has the largest restaurants in the world. Sushi Samba restaurants or the 24-hour Duck & Waffle are the best restaurants in the city for having a meal with side of vistas, while serving as the highest restaurants in London and over a 40th-floor perch.

Safety in London

London is generally considered to be one of the safest city in the world, and the crime rate in this city is incredibly low. However, as with other cities around the world, travelers should consider some safety tips. The UK Foreign Ministry recommends using London's licensed black cabs.

Do not use unauthorized taxi companies and personal rides at all. Some of these taxis are seeking theft or harassment of travelers, and even cases involving aggression have also been seen. these taxis have been known to rip off, mug, or even sexually assault customers. The best way is to use taxi services or rent a safe driver with the help of hotel operators.

Take care of your pocket in the tourist and public transport areas, and there's a lot of pockets in London. The UK Foreign Ministry itself strongly advises not to stay in cafes and nightclubs, preferably for drinking or spending time, because there have been cases of rape or robbery, especially after the guests have been bothered.

In recent years, terrorist attacks have become more widespread in London, and only about 5 terrorist attacks were recorded in London in 2017. So be careful and watchful. Make sure to travel legally to London and register your name in the Smart Passenger Registration Plan, and follow safety tips if you receive threatening messages or hear different news stories.

Famous neighborhoods around London

London has many sights and the surrounding area is one of the most attractive metropolitan areas in the world. In general, while in London, if you would like to take time away from the city and traffic, consider the following suggestions:

  • Go to The City
  • Visit the East End
  • See Clerkenwell
  • Visit Covent Garden
  • Go to Leicester Square
  • Visit from Soho
  • Watching Piccadilly Circus
  • Going out and see Westminster
  • Going and walking Regent's Park & Hampstead Heath
  • Visiting Kensington, Chelsea, and Notting Hill
  • Go and surf South Bank & Southwark
  • Go on the Side Trips

Getting Around London

Sightseeing and seeing London with heavy traffic in this city is by no means a personal car or even a taxi, and more than half the time your traveler needs to be trafficked. The best way to visit London is to use the fast-moving public transport system in London, or the underground transportation system that the locals in London call it the tube name.

You can travel directly to many parts of the city from the very first time you arrive in London from the Heathrow Airport (LHR), one of the world's busiest airports. London's underground transportation system is very wide and covers the entire city of London and even out of the city.

To save on your expenses, it is best to buy Oyster Travel Card. You can use this card for the underground transportation system as well as for inland and outbound buses. You can walk and visit many of London's urban spaces, so it's recommended that you have a pair of comfortable shoes

Entry & Exit Requirements

All tourists entering the UK from countries like Iran, the United States or many other countries must have a valid passport. But travelers arriving in the United states, the European Union, and many other countries such as Japan, Australia, China, etc., stay 90 days or less, do not need tourist visas or any other visa.

If you are planning to travel to England or one of the countries of the United Kingdom, your passport must be valid for at least six months. You can follow the traveler's special rules and regulations to the United Kingdom and the England itself at your embassy in your own country or your reputable travel agencies.

If you are looking for a real taste of traveling to Italy, visit the beautiful Firenze town. Florence is one of the most spectacular cities in the world and is known as the Renaissance of the state of Italy, and is considered to be the most populated city of Tuscany.

The city is famous for its many tourist attractions, spectacular museums, strange hotels, superb architecture and delicious cuisine among the people of the world. There is no doubt that the tourists will be surprised by the beauty of art and tourist attractions.

Many of the tourist attractions in Florence have gathered in the center of the city and for this reason the best way to visit many of these spectacular attractions is to walk. Foods from the city of Florence are very famous and many millions of tourists will advise you to try a wide variety of cuisine in this city. The city of Florence was listed as one of UNESCO's valuable legacies in its list of works in 1982 for its precious exquisite historical works.

Keep in mind that your expenses are high in Florence, although not as large as cities like Rome and Milan, but Florence is generally expensive. Of course, if you have the right planning, you can visit this city at a low cost.

The city of Florence is located in the Tuscan hills. Traveling to Florence, you've traveled to history and traveled to the fourteenth century, but this is not the only reason why Florence is beautiful and unique because you can enjoy splendid décor, special Italian cuisine and natural charm See also fantastic.

Florence Rankings

Below are the list of best-ranked cities in the city of Florence. Keep in mind that this ranking is based on the opinions of tourists and tourism professionals and is based on the US rankings and world news.

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, ranked among the following:

  • The city of Florence is the best Affordable European Honeymoon in Europe
  • The city of Florence is in the second place with the best summer tours of the world
  • The city of Florence is ranked second most valuable to visit city in Italy
  • The city of Florence is ranked fourth in the highest city to visit in Europe
  • The city is ranked fifth as the best city for family vacations in Europe
  • Florence is the ninth with the most affordable vacation destinations in Europe
  • The city of Florence is the ninth best city in the world for the honeymoon Destinations
  • The city is the 20th most valuable city in the world to visit

The best tourist destinations in Florence

As stated, Florence has a lot of tropical attractions, and the choice among them is really difficult. However, according to tourists, the following three tourist destinations can be considered as the most visited tourist destinations in Florence:

  • Piazza della Signoria
  • Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore)
  • Piazzale Michelangelo


The best hotels in Florence

Due to the fact that millions of people visit Italy on an annual basis to visit Florence, it is natural that there are many accommodations and hotels in Florence, all of which have well-defined standards for accommodation. There are different types of hotels in the city with varying degrees of quality and cost, among them, the following three hotels can be found in Annan's finest hotels in Florence:

  • Portrait Firenze hotel
  • Four Seasons Hotel Firenze
  • The St. Regis Florence hotel

Best time to travel to Florence

Due to the favorable weather conditions in the city of Florence, the best months to travel to this city between May and September. In these months, the weather is relatively warm and desirable, and many art festivals, festivals and galleries are held in the city. You can enjoy open-air restaurants in the years to come and enjoy the Italian sunshine that inspired many Renaissance painters.

But unfortunately, at this time, the heat of the air is a little annoying, the hotel rates are much higher, and tourist and attraction places are more crowded and busier in the city. If the cost is important to you or if you like to visit the city in more secluded conditions, it is better to choose late autumn or winter to travel to Florence.

At this time, although the air is cold, but the rates for hotels and accommodation, tourist sites and other city attractions are much cheaper, the city is quiet and offers a lot of discounts in stores and hotels. But in the winter, however, the weather will not be pleasant to you, and often your weather will be cold, rainy or even snowy, and sometimes your weather will reach -30s degrees Fahrenheit.

When traveling to Florence, consider the following

  • Do not buy knockoffs: remember that buying knockoffs in Florence is illegal. If you bought a knockoffs designer bags of Florence and the police will understand this, you will be fined for thousands of dollars.
  • Pre-book: Uffizi and the Galleria dell'Accademia lines outside are long and often full. For this reason, it is advisable to book a ticket beforehand. By booking your ticket you can save on your expenses. You can also register on the city's tourist tours to ensure booking some tickets.
  • Eat food late: In Italy, and especially in Florence, people are accustomed to eating too late. Lunch is served from 12:30 until 14:00 and dinner is after 9 pm. By doing this, you feel that you are a local moderator.

Ways to Save Costs in Florence

  • Choose your destination in the outskirts: The Tuscany and Florence public transport system is excellent and you can reach the suburbs with a quick train ride in any area in the city center of Florence. But the cost of a hotel and other accommodations in the countryside is much more suitable. The suburbs of Florence alone are one of the attractions of the city. Imagine waking up among the glory of the Tuscan hills and enjoying the magnificent scenery and then travel to the city to visit other attractions.
  • To get up and visit Duomo, you have to pay a great deal to look at the sights of the sights of the surrounding area from above it. This is while you can see the same scenery from the top of Baptistry, but at a much lower price.
  • Choose your lunch smartly: just get hungry when you're away, pick a place other than places in the city center and around the tourist areas to eat. Keep in mind that restaurants in the city center and around tourist attractions have a high price for food, while this Italian food and even better quality can be used around the city at a much more affordable price.

Culture & Customs

The people of Italy and Florence are generally well-dressed and handsome people and they are very important to dress and treat. Remember the word la bella figura. This word is a miracle. Usually, in English, they are equivalent to the phrase "beautiful figure." But to describe everything beautiful and nice like plain clothes, behavior, customs, and many other factors, this term is often used.

It's said that in Italy and especially Florence, your whole life should be beautiful.
We suggest that you learn at least a few phrases in Italian before traveling to this country. People who speak Italian with the locals of this city will be very much appreciated and respected.

Restaurant staff, cafes and even stores would like to at least be able to welcome you or say goodbye when you go. In Italy, buongiorno is used for greetings and the word arrivederci is used for saying goodbye. Of course, they are more informal than Ciao. The word per favore means please, and also the word grazie is used to thank you for knowing just how many words and with a few other words will help you in this city and you will be more respected.

Remember that many offices, stores, shops, historic sites and tourism and museums and etc. are closed on Sunday. Except for Sundays, another day, usually, holiday destinations are closed in Florence, which is not exactly clear on this day, which is why it's better to know the schedule of activities in advance. Of course, some restaurants and cafes are open on holidays. On normal days of the week, usually after two hours of lunch, stores are closed and some shops are closed.

Unlike many people in the world, including the people of the United States, the people of Italy, and especially the people of Florence, are very comfortable, and you should not be surprised at all that you feel very comfortable at the very first meeting. Face-to-face kissing is not uncommon when it comes to putting the species together or kissing the cheek with your lips. Italians like to define them, but do not overdo it. In the meantime, it's better to know their rules and regulations.

When it comes to speaking with an Italian, it's better to be careful and pay attention to them and do not go out. Remember that the rude in Italy will be severely transmitted. Another thing to keep in mind is that the people of Florence do not like anyone pointing at them with a finger.

Lastly, remember that the currency is common in Florence Euro. The currency, like the dollar, is constantly fluctuating, which is why prices may vary, so be sure to check the euro before buying. In all stores and hotels, you can easily use credit cards and usually accept these credit cards everywhere.

What to Eat

You may well know how popular Italian food is in the world. Florence is one of the most famous cities in Italy, thanks to its delicious food and great specialties wine from Tuscany. Indeed, Florence is simply due to natural beauty and tourist areas or because of its The art found in this city is not famous and many tourists consider the cuisine of this city as one of its main motivations for choosing Florence as its tourism destination.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that food prices are particularly high in popular restaurants and on the outskirts of the city's tourist areas. But do not worry, you can work like your local Florence. In the city, you can easily find fresh produce such as bread, cheese and meat, especially at Mercato Centrale, and make your own fresh and simple cuisine.

If you like to go to the restaurant, you can have Pitti Gola e Cantina and Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco restaurants close to the Boboli Gardens, or you can go to the famous restaurant Ristorante La Giostra to have a romantic dinner and lovely time as a The former residence of the merry-go-round is the Salvemini delight of the environment.

Tuscan and Florence foods are simply recognized. The pasta of this city is still very simple and made using real food without the use of artificial food. Fish and red meat are found in many Tuscan cuisines, and they use olive oil in almost all their cuisines.

In all areas and cities of Florence, you can easily find the gelato stands. Skilled people know that by recognizing the true flavor of pistachio, they can discern the difference between a real gelato and a bad gelato. Around the Piazza di Santa Croce and in Oltrarno. B Well, you can find great gelaterias. 

Safety in Florence

Florence is one of the most popular cities in Italy, where there are many security measures in the city, which is considered one of the safest cities in the world, but the main concern of travelers has always been in Florence is pickpockets. Particularly, the pockets of the Santa Maria Novella train station are much larger because most of the passengers in this place are focused on their main public transport.

The best way is to look after your belongings and personal things and take good care of your wallet. Try not to have unnecessary items or cash with you and make money just for your daily use and not be in serious trouble.

Famous neighborhoods around Florence

When you're in Florence, you can visit the sights of the city such as Duomo, Santa Croce, San Lorenzo and San Marco, Santa Maria and Oltrarno.

Travel around Florence

The best way to walk around Florence is to walk and use the foot. In fact, you can walk the whole of Florence from this city side to the other side in only 30 minutes. Interestingly, there are many Florence tourist sites on this path. But if you cannot walk or have time limits, you can use ATAF buses. The main airport in the city of Florence is the Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA) in Pisa, where most travelers use the airport to travel to Florence. This airport has the main Stazione di Firenze train station in Santa Maria Novella at the back of the tower.

Although some other travelers choose to arrive at Florence, Amerigo Vespucci Airport (FLR), the airport also has a bus and taxi transportation system. As a general suggestion, we do not recommend that you travel to Florence with your own car or rented car. Most of the streets in this city are one-way and narrow, mostly traffic, and in many areas only Some people are walking and is forbidden.

Entry & Exit Requirements

Florence is one of the most attractive cities in the world, and many people want to travel to the city in most seasons. As explained, security measures have been taken to protect the city, including one that examines the people and travelers traveling to the city. As a result, all people who plan to travel to Florence and Italy in general need to have a valid passport.

In fact, this passport must be valid for at least six months, and you can use this passport to stay in this city or country for 3 months or 90 days. In fact, this visa will allow you to stay in the city of Florence and Italy for 90 days without a visa. But people who plan to stay in the city for longer need a visa. You can apply for a visa from Italy's Consulate in your own country or visit one of the reputable travel agencies in your country.

The cost of living in Florence

Generally speaking, Florence is one of the expensive cities in Europe, though for some it costs a lot, but for some tourists, the cost of living in this city is not much. For example, spending a meal at the restaurants in this city should cost about € 15, which costs one person. You should spend about half of this, € 7 for fast food. Though in street food restaurants you can find good quality foods at a lower cost. The cost of a bottle of drinking water in Florence is 1 euro, but for alcoholic beverages you have to pay a great deal.

The best way to control costs in Florence is to use the public transport system as explained above, and you can finally get a single one-dollar ticket at a cost of € 1.20, or pay € 35 for a month for this public transport card. Get the city. The cost of a taxi is a bit high, and for each taxi, you must pay 4.50 euros. The price of gasoline currently in Florence is 1.46 euros, which will make it much unreasonable to transport personal car or car rentals.


Another of the most affluent and most beautiful tourist cities in the world is without a doubt the city of Venice, Italy. Venice is a romantic and lovey city that has provided memorable moments for all the people who have traveled to this city. Traveling with Gondola on the Grand Canal and watching beautiful and natural birds are just one of the attractions of this lovely city.

With a variety of historical and natural attractions, the city has always been able to introduce itself as a spectacular city among tourists. Types of theaters, churches, historic monuments, unique restaurants and cafes, a variety of northeastern Italian beaches and many other attractions cannot be easily seen on a multi-day trip.

Venice is famous for the city of enchanting, maybe sometimes it's an exaggeration to say, but without a doubt, you will believe in entering this city and seeing a city that is all in the water.

You can easily arrive at the Santa Lucia train station, and from there you can travel through the Grand Canal through the boat trips around this city. Venice water taxis are famous throughout the world. With this water taxi, you can explore the city and cross the Ponte degli Scalzi Bridge, which is also known as the Barefoot Bridge. The city of Venice is from the rivers that connect all parts of the city.

Gondola is the name of a device that you will probably be leaking and traveling in this city. Drivers of these gondolas are very nice and kind, sing, and will gladly increase your trip. During this blue trip, you can see a variety of old stores, historic houses, bridges and crossings. In Venice, you will need to have a map so you can see all the attractions of the city.

The Channel is the main channel of the city, which is also known as the Magic Channel. You can visit many of the historic towns of the city using the guide services in Saint Mark's Basilica or Doge's Palace. You can go to the Gallerie dell'Accademia to watch some of the most famous works by Titian or other Veronese. Or you can go to the Teatro La Fenice to watch some of the most beautiful operas in the world. You can even go to nearby islands such as Lido and enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the city or go to the Murano for the well-known glass and Burano for its lace.

Ranking Venice City

Venice, although it is known globally as one of the most spectacular cities in the world, but according to the statistics and views of the city's travelers and experts, there are some issues as well in the global ranking. Venice has the following rankings in the world, based on the ranking of trips in the states and world news and according to the views and opinions of experts and tourists.

  • Venice is the second-best daily tour of Florence
  • Venice is ranked third in the highest city for visiting and traveling in Italy
  • Venice is in fourth place as the best honeymoon destination in Europe
  • Venice is ranked fifth in Europe's best tourism and tourist destination
  • Venice is in fifth place, the best place for winter holidays in Europe