Spain’s Most Visited

About Spain

Located in the south west of Europe, Spain benefits from one of the best weathers. Not only Spain is a beautiful country that counts on beautiful landscapes, whether they are beaches, mountains, islands… but it-s also surrounded by amazing warm and welcoming people. Which makes it one of the most (if not the most) touristic countries in Europe. Its first language is Spanish and the country is positioned in the 8th place for best economies in the world.

Due to its position in the Mediterranean, Spain has a very healthy lifestyle coming from the combination of the food that consists on a mixture of high quality sea food, olive based food and high quality wine with again, the weather. This helps with the high life expectancy the country has, which is an average of 83.1, earning the position of the 3rd worldwide.

Another reason why Spain is the 2nd most visited country (with more than 80 million visitors only in 2017) in the world is its historical and cultural side. It has many heritages of UNESCO, and all types of touristic places suited for everyone’s taste.

Spanish food

When it comes to food, as in every country Spain has its traditional and famous dish that everyone knows and everyone likes.

The one that’s most known, even internationally, is “la paella”, which is every city gives its personal twist. The one that stands out the most is the one made in Valencia, which is known through all Spain to be the best. Paella consists in a rice dish with sea food, bunny, chicken or other ingredients added according to the city it’s made in.

Of course, besides the paella, there are many dishes that Spain is known for starting from the amazing soups of the north of Spain to the delicious sea food in the south, we should mention the amazing cold and refreshing soup called Gazpacho, made by tomatoes, olive oil and garlic.. Besides, Spain produces one of the best and tastiest olives in the world.

Tapas, a small dish that accompanies a drink, is another typical option you’d see in every single menu of restaurants, which are typically enjoyed while drinking and talking among friends during the afternoon. We should mention that the latter is a very common act for the Spanish, who have the tendency to spend the afternoons drinking and having fun, so do not be surprised if you see a group of friends or family, for hours chatting and drinking.